Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trains, Books, God & Gardens

Today we started off at going to one of the major train stations in Paris. From here, you are able to get to pretty much anywhere in Europe you want to go. Jeff told us all about the high speed trains and how they travel up to 200 mph! In perspective, a plane takes off at 180 mph. After that, we took the metro to Notre Dame and over to the left bank where we visited Shakespear and Company and some of the cathedrals that are in Paris. Then it was on to the Luxembourg gardens! On our way there we passed a man who was painting part of a poem on a city brick wall, when translated it reads: 

"i do and then more bathed in like you, o blades, 
remove their wake to the bearers of cotton swabs, 
or cross the pride of the flags and flame 
nor swim under the eyes of the pontoons horrible."

-Le Bateau Ivre (The Drunken Boat)

I saw this old man playing guitar in the streets, reminded me of Picasso's The Old Guitarist

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